Ceramic Coatings Leicester

Our most popular ceramic coating a 3-year coating combined with a single-stage machine polish will seriously enhance the look of your vehicle giving a super slick finish with an insane shine and a hydrophobic surface for unparalleled water behavior.

With this package you get 2 FREE Bonuses Worth £200

  • FREE Window ceramic coating
  • FREE Wheel outer faces ceramic coating

Our Ceramic Coatings offer unbeaten paint protection. they provide ceramic protection with previously unachievable levels of gloss, durability, and chemical resistance, and also offer improved swirl resistance, which greatly reduces surface hazing and improves gloss levels.

What’s included in the packaged

  • 5 Stage decontamination
  • Single-stage paint correction
  • A single application of the ceramic coating to paint and bodywork
  • Headlights and taillights coated
  • Includes PDS warranty

With all our packages a full exterior decontamination is performed before the car is given a single-stage machine polish to remove light defects, This process results in a 60% to 70% ‘correction factor’, it will not, however, remove any deeper scratches.

Please note Satin paint cannot be machine polished

Speak to our team for recommendations on ceramic coatings for windows and wheels.

Please do not confuse our ceramic coatings with cheap dealership coatings, they are not the same.

We recommend liquid-only decontamination maintenance every 5,000 miles on a car averaging 10,000 miles per year. Please be aware that using a clay bar may heavily diminish the coating, so we do not recommend it.

*Terms and conditions HERE 

Porsche ceramic coatings
Ceramic coating being applied in Leicester
ceramic coating being applied in Loughborough
Ceramic coating being applied in Nottingham

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