Pro Car Valet

Not as intense as a deep clean but more in-depth than a maintenance clean, this is the sort of clean that wants that little extra for their vehicle to keep it looking great.


  • Exterior pressure rinsed

  • Bodywork soaked in Citrus Pre Wash or Snow Foam

  • The door Shuts Deep Cleaned

  • Bodywork Cleaned with Premium shampoo

  • Exterior pressure washed rinsed

  • Bodywork Carefully dried with luxurious microfibre towels

  • Premium Paint sealant applied for up to 3 months of paintwork protection
  • Wheels Dried and tyres dressed


  • Interior components are cleansed and refreshed
  • Carpets and matts hovered
  • Windows cleaned and polished
  • Interior scent applied

“The Pro Valet” is the car clean that your car deserves.

If you want that fresh car feeling? with added paintwork protection? this is the package for you

Please don’t compare our Pro Valet to the local car wash or a cheap car valet, this is not the same service we spend a lot more time and use professional products on your vehicle

Looking for a deeper clean? see our deep clean package 

We understand that every car is completely different. Prices are based on average-condition cars,

Please see our terms and conditions if your car is seriously soiled, do inform us before booking so we can advise and quote for the work required.

*Terms and conditions HERE 

To Book please fill in the below for

In this package, we DO NOT:

Remove dog hairs, makeup, sick, stains, or smells. If this is what you need, then you need our DEEP CLEAN package, By failing to mention any of the above on booking, or by confirming our terms and conditions sent to you, you will be liable for added charges amounting to the original deep clean. By all means, we’re reasonable and professional, so please send some pictures over if you’re unsure and we can best assist with a tailored quotation.

Car being detailed in Leicester
Car being valeted in Leicester
Porsche being valeted in Leicester