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The Original and still the best around for exterior deep cleaning, this is the sort of clean that makes you forget wanting a new car.

What others call clean, is not what we call clean.

“The Exterior Deep Clean” is the ultimate car clean that your car deserves.

If you want that new car feeling? with added paintwork protection? this is the package for you

Please don’t compare our Exterior Deep Clean to the local car wash or a cheap car valet, this is not the same service we spend a full day on your car.

  • Complete wheel, tyres, and arch cleaning and decontamination. 3 Stages of cleaning will be undertaken.
  • A process of pre-wash chemicals and snow foams will be added to the body of the vehicle, with the aim to remove/loosening embedded road grime before we make any washing contact with the vehicle.
  • 2 Bucket/two mitts safe washing procedure will take place, then feather brushing to go into the more intricate areas, ensuring no missed tight edges or grills.
  • Following on with another 2 stages of cleaning with a full liquid decontamination process on the body of the vehicle.
  • The vehicle has 2 further stages to remove the chemicals applied,
  • We then dry the vehicle using only soft plush towels and our hot air blowers.
  • Clay barring if needed but isn’t advised on certain vehicles. Please ask us if you want to know more information on why this step is only carried out with our professional advice and discretion.
  • Full IPA wipe down of all panels in preparation for protection.
  • Entry-level ceramic coating or a high-grade sealant and wax combination applied
  • Tyres and arches are dressed with protective and repelling dressings to ensure a longer-lasting finish.

Each and every deep clean package we perform is protected with a high-grade sealant or wax.

You are welcome to choose which you’d prefer.

We understand that every car is completely different. Prices are based on average-condition cars,

Please see our terms and conditions if your car is seriously soiled, do inform us before booking so we can advise and quote for the work required.

*Terms and conditions HERE 

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ceramic coating being applied in Loughborough