Ceramic coatings

Motorbike 5 Year Ceramic Coating DEAL

Give your bike that new look and super slick finish with an insane shine and a hydrophobic surface for unparalleled water behavior, making your motorbike easier to clean and maintain and adds a protective layer to protect the paintwork from UV rays, harmful chemicals, and weathering.

Once the machine polish stage is completed we then apply the ceramic coating to lock in the machine polishing work,and gives a super high gloss finish.

Our 5 Year Ceramic Coatings offer unbeaten paint protection. ceramic protection with amazing levels of gloss, durability, and chemical resistance, and also offer improved swirl resistance, which greatly reduces surface hazing and improves gloss levels.

Choose our ceramic coating package and protect your motorbike from the elements

All this for £299

What’s included in the packaged

  • Single-stage paint correction
  • A single application of the ceramic coating to paint and bodywork
  • Headlights and taillights coated
  • Includes warranty

With all our packages a full exterior decontamination is performed before the car is given a single-stage machine polish to remove light defects, This process results in a 60% to 70% ‘correction factor’, it will not, however, remove any deeper scratches.

Please note Satin paint cannot be machine-polished but can be ceramic coated

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