Deep Exterior Clean

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Our Full Exterior Valet is ideal for cars that require an intense clean and want to come back with the showroom finish.

Exterior Full Valet we go deep and is more intense cleaning with longer time is spent on the entire car, giving it a extra deep exterior clean

Small – medium Vehicles £135    |    Large cars £145       |        MPV 7 Seater cars £155


  • Exterior pressure rinsed

  • Bodywork soaked in Citrus Pre Wash and Snow Foam

  • Road Tar Removed
  • Iron Remover on paintwork

  • Door Shuts Deep Cleaned
  • Bodywork Cleaned with Luxury shampoo

  • Exterior pressure washed rinsed

  • Bodywork Carefully dried with a hot air blower and luxurious microfibre towels

  • Wheels Dried and protected (wheel faces)

Wheels & Tyres

  • Wheels Deep Cleaned

  • Wheel Arches Deep Cleaned

  • Fallout & Brake Dust Removed

  • Tires cleaned with Yum Undress

  • Wheels Dried

  • Alloys paint sealant applied

  • Tires dressed


  • Exterior glass cleaned with non-smear glass cleaner

  • Optional Hand Polish

  • Optional Ceramic Spray Sealant / Wax

Exterior Extras

  • Full Clay Bar & Light Compound on bodywork £150

  • Machine Polish Prices from £40 per panel

  • Scratch removal POA

Protection Extras

  • Glass Coating Protection £90

  • Convertible Roof Protection Spray  £70

  •  Ceramic Coating up to 2 years protection £275

  • Ceramic Coating up to 3 years protection £400
  •  Ceramic Coating up to 5 years protection £500

*Please note machine polishing will be required for all ceramic coatings at extra cost

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