Headlight Restoration Leicester

Make sure you are legal and safe on the roads by ensuring your headlight are able to function as they should. 

If your headlights are yellow, dull, or cloudy. Then our specialist headlight restoration service if perfect for you and much cheaper than replacing the entire headlight.

Are your headlights looking old and faded? Cloudy? Milky? Scuffed? Or just generally worse for wear?

This affects the look of your vehicle, but it also has an impact on the light output of your headlights, which can result in an MOT failure.

Fear not! this does not mean you need to spend money on a new set!

Here at PDs detailing we do more than just valeting and detailing, we specialize in every aspect of car care.

£45 per headlight

PLEASE NOTE: this service can be messy, it is normally best to couple it with a car valet, so your vehicle looks its best!

Results vary on the overall condition of the headlight, deep scratches and cracks cannot be removed

Headlight restoration Leicester

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Headlight restoration
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