The Ultimate Motorbike Clean

Our Motorbike Deep clean the package that gets your bike back to like-new condition and protected with a 12-month ceramic coating.

Your bike is treated to a luxury Snow foam pre-wash which will give your bike that deep clean to remove the dirt, followed by degreasing to remove stubborn oil and grime, your bike then will be washed with Naked Bikes pure shampoo and dried with our master blaster air drier,  once we have completed a light machine polish to remove light swirls and defects to your paint. A 6-month spray sealant will be added to protect your paint and keep your bike cleaner for longer.

  • wheels cleaned (face, in-between spokes, and barrels)
  • Tyre walls cleaned with APC
  • Snow foam and citrus pre-wash pre-cleanser applied to safely loosen and remove dirt
  • Soft detailing brushes used to agitate badges and plastics
  • Safe two-bucket hand wash using plush wash mitts and pH-neutral shampoo
  • Tar and Iron remover applied
  • Air-dried using a specialist blower to dry hard-to-reach areas and prevent drip marks
  • Light Machine polish to tank and fairing to remove light swirls and defects
  • Entry level 12 Month Ceramic coating applied

Prices from £250

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