Motorbike Cleaning Leicester

Standard Bike Clean 

The PDS Motorbike Clean is the perfect way to keep on top of the condition of your motorbike, using premium Naked Bikes cleaning products, we are able to achieve fantastic results.

  • wheels cleaned (face, in-between spokes, and barrels)
  • Tyre walls cleaned with APC
  • Snow foam pre-cleanser applied to safely loosen and remove dirt
  • Soft detailing brushes used to agitate badges and plastics
  • Safe two-bucket hand wash using plush wash mitts and pH-neutral shampoo
  • Hydrophobic sealant applied to the paintwork for added protection
  • Air-dried using a specialist blower to dry hard-to-reach areas and prevent drip marks

Prices From £165

*Heavily soiled bikes will encore extra costs to clean.