Cycle Paint Protection

There is nothing like getting your new ride! and let’s face it most high-end road and mountain bikes cost between £2500 to £8000 plus, so why would you not want to protect it?

Just like buying a new car, you want to minimize the inevitable damage to the paintwork, and when you rip up the trails you don’t want to find your frame covered in stone chips and scratches.

Our cycle protection film is the same principle as PPF that we apply to cars and motorbikes, using SUNTEK films you can be assured of the very best self-healing films to protect your bike.

Using RideWrap’s Super Cutter bike template software for bike PPF cutting solutions we are able to provide a Tailored Protection™ kit that is specific to your bike make, model, and size and provides up to 95% frame coverage. The highest available on the market.


We use the very best automotive-grade film from SUNTEK meaning your bike will stay looking fresher for longer, by applying for protection where it’s needed most.

Prices start from £100 for supply and fit bike frame and fork protection

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ppf installation Leicester
Bike PPF being applied
PPF Leicester being installed
PPF installation leicester
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